nature is not always tricked in holiday attire, but the same scene which yesterday breathed perfume and glittered as for the frolic of the nymphs, is overspread with melancholy today. nature always wears the colors of the spirit

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The human habit of using stories to understand and explain the world has served us well. Storytelling allowed us, or perhaps even prompted us to imagine our world as it could or should be. This might be the greatest benefit of stories and fiction, it teaches us to reflect freely beyond the immediate and to revolve things in our minds within a vast and vividly populated world of the possible. Stories open us up to the realm of possibilities and spur creativity, they increase our understanding of perspectives and how other people might observe the same thing and come to a different conclusion, promoting empathy.

The opportunity to explore and learn from the written word has never been greater and one would think that we’d be all over it. But we’re not. On the contrary, reading is in decline and more and more people are dropping out completely. Instead, we’re spending an increasing amount of time hooked up to screens and visual media. This is happening in a time when technological advancement is accelerating and we find ourselves hurtling towards a point where the position of humans and humanity is up for discussion. We’re turning our backs on our common literary heritage when we might need it the most.


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